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Miles Coverdale Primary School

We want every child to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or circumstances.

High expectations and a broad view of supporting children are common features of Miles Coverdale Primary.  We contribute to the children’s wider well-being through:
  • helping each pupil achieve the highest educational standards they possibly can;
  • dealing with bullying and discrimination and keeping children safe;
  • becoming a Healthy School and promoting healthy lifestyles through Personal, Social and Health Education lessons, drugs education, breakfast club and sporting activities;
  • providing a wide range of extended services including a breakfast club, after school play centre and a wide range of extra curricular clubs;
  • ensuring attendance, encouraging pupils to behave responsibly, giving them a strong voice in the life of the school and encouraging them to volunteer to help others;
  • helping the community to value education and be aware that it is the way to promoting economic success;
  • engaging and helping parents in actively supporting their children’s learning and development through a variety of parents’ classes and workshops.
School Ethos
We value each child as an individual.
We aim to bring the best out of each child's potential.
We are a caring and friendly learning community aiming to be outstanding in whatever we do. 

Our Aims
We aim to:
  • Create an atmosphere that is caring and welcoming to all pupils, parents and other members of the community and a sense of excitement and enjoyment in learning.
  • Offer a curriculum, which will encourage academic, aesthetic, physical, social and emotional and spiritual development, ensuring that the children are given the opportunity to acquire basic skills essential for further learning.
  • Encourage pupils to take pride in their work, aim for the highest possible standards and derive satisfaction for their own achievements and achievements of others.
  • Help pupils develop self-control, co-operation, perseverance and a toleration of ideas and values different from their own.
  • Encourage all pupils to behave with courtesy, care and respect both towards one another and to all adults.
Improving outcomes for children
Pupil performance and well-being go hand in hand. Every Child Matters at Miles Coverdale Primary where we strongly practise the principle of personalisation to raise educational standards by:
  • offering a range of extended services that help pupils engage and achieve, and building stronger relationships with parents and the wider community;
  • supporting closer working between the school and specialist services so that children with additional needs can be identified earlier and supported effectively.