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Miles Coverdale Primary School

Our Successes

  • The school has a strong identity and ethos. School staff share a commitment to serving the community - expressed and implemented through the Every Child Matters agenda and our Mission Statement.
  • We are an inclusive school. We strive through our policies, practices and procedures to remove barriers to learning, to raise achievement.
  • Our unit is an integral part of the school and an asset in terms of provision for pupils with language impairment.
  • The Creative Curriculum and whole school events are vibrant and there are many cross-curricular links and visits such as: Royal Opera House; Royal Academy of Arts; Lyric Theatre; Recycling Event; Black History; Christmas Concert and Fete; projects with the police; Book Week; Chance to Dance; Fashion projects; Health Week and International Day to name a few. Pupils have had a wide range of workshops for music, dance, drumming, drama, art, sports, history, story telling, maths magician etc. We work closely with the immediate and wider community on these projects. There has been a much greater involvement of the parents working with the children e.g. healthy cookery classes with their child.
Pupils have worked with the Urban Studies Centre on environmental issues and the Travel Plan. The BBC has featured our children on several programmes such as the One Show, Blue Peter, KerrWhizz and The Ministry of Curiosity. Our local police have worked with all the children on ‘police lessons.’ The younger children have regular Road Safety shows.

Focus Weeks include:
  • Black History
  • Maths Week
  • Book Week & World Book Day
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Healthy Living Week
  • Art Week
  • Science Week
Additional Community events include:
  • International Feast
  • Jeans for Genes Day fundraising
  • Action Aid fundraising
  • Whole School Shared Writing
  • 'Take One Picture' with the National Gallery
  • Choir performances
  • Inter-school sports tournaments
  • ESOL classes for adults
  • Weekly parents' coffee mornings and workshops
  • Christmas Fete
  • Summer Fete
All pupils have access to a very wide range of physical activities where all children do far more than 2 hours of physical activities weekly. We have achieved the ACTIVEMARK award for exceptional delivery within the PE and Sport Strategy. We work closely with Queens Park Rangers for athletics, football tournaments and other sporting activities. Our pupils participate in swimming lessons at Phoenix Pool.
  • The School has been featured in local newspapers.
  • We have the Active Mark, Healthy Schools, FMSiS awards and we are working towards the 360 Degree Safe ESafety Accreditation.
  • The children have access to a wide range of extended services: Breakfast Club, After School Play Centre and many exciting extra curricular clubs.
  • Building projects and specialist rooms include a Food Technology Room, a large ICT suite, a well resourced and stimulating library, a large Art/DT room and new KS1 and KS2 playgrounds with great playground equipment.

Summary of Strengths:

Ethos and vision: strong self belief and aspirations in achievement for all children, regardless of backgrounds. Every child stretched to do their best. Celebrating the diverse backgrounds of all children, parents, staff and governors.

Outstanding standards and progress, placing MCPS in the top 10 schools nationally over 2 years consistently (Rank: 7th highest in the country). Children acquire skills and understanding that serve them well for the future. Progress is well above national averages, with excellent teaching and personalised learning, showing that children stay engaged in learning and develop their talents. Gaps of achievement between groups of children are narrowed.

A highly positive learning and safe environment of outstanding behaviour that develops their wider personal skills and attitudes to succeed and make a positive contribution to society (confidence, self-respect, leadership, citizenship, relationship skills) while enjoying a fulfilling and healthy childhood.

Providing an outstanding and enjoyable range of activities, opportunities and extended services to enrich the lives of the children, families and wider community and promote development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of their lives.

Working alongside outside agencies, identifying and helping to address additional needs: early intervention and targeted support, parental engagement working with parents to prevent problems.

Effective and extensive involvement of parents, governors, childcare providers and wider children’s services to support improvements in outcomes. Surveys indicate very high levels of parental and pupil satisfaction.

Continuously learning community - high level of investment in professional development for staff and performance management. Providing adult learning provision for the parents and the wider community. Sharing our practices with colleagues outside MCPS ensuring greater collective responsibility. Providing placements for work experience, teacher training and volunteering.

Nick Gibb (Minister of State for Schools) Letter - 6th March

Miles Coverdale's mention on the DfE website