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Miles Coverdale Primary School
Train to Teach

Miles Coverdale School is a Strategic Partner School within the West London Teaching Schools' Alliance (WLTSA).  The WLTSA will be recruiting candidates for 97 School Direct teacher training places (both primary and secondary) for 2015 - 2016, one of which will be based at Miles Coverdale School.  Miles Coverdale's programme leads to either the award of PGCE with the potential of 60 credits towards a Master's degree and Qualified Teacher Status.  This programme does not offer a salary to the participant.

The WLTSA website
(Initial Teacher Training tab, School Direct vacancy pages) includes tables listing all the alliance teacher training programmes including those at Miles Coverdale School.  By clicking on the course code for our programmes in the table, you will be able to access further information about the specific course requirements and information about how to apply.

All applications for these programmes must be made online through UCAS.  To find any WLTSA programme on UCAS you need to search for postgraduate teacher training courses naming the 'provider' as The West London Teaching School' Alliance.

Any queries regarding these programmes should be sent to