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Miles Coverdale Primary School

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Summary Areas for Development: Governor List Autumn 2014

  • Continue to build on the  improvements in standards of attainment and progress through the new National Curriculum.
  • Whole School approach to teaching phonics and reading.
  • Continue improvements in attainment standards in writing.
  • Sustain improvements in attainment standards in Maths-consistent approach to using & applying maths.
  • Embed Personalised learning-SEN, EAL and G&T, intervention programmes.
  • Assessment for Learning –embed use of peer assessments, use of feedback to improve pupil performance, use of targets.
  • Assessment analysis by LMT and governors.
  • Higher profile of Foundation Subjects and improved delivery of the FS curriculum- focus on assessment.
  • National Support School designation: commissioned school improvement work at local, national and international levels.
  • Higher awareness fro staff regarding Health and Safety of the School in relation to documents, Healthy School Status and Safeguarding procedures, training.
  • School Evaluation -  all members of the staff to evaluate standards in their areas of responsibility.
  • Outstanding governance.
  • Embed the creative, PSED and sporting curriculum.
  • Continue positive links with parents & community- implement findings of surveys and the PSA Agenda, School’s  prospectus and website, involvement of parents in school- family learning, parents’ classes, work experience, volunteers, workshops using staff and outside agencies.
  • Improved School Environment-  Building Projects (the Qube-training development centre).