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Miles Coverdale Primary School

Home Learning Links

Click the links below for educational sites that support home learning.  Please speak to your child's class teacher if you would like access to login details for any sites.

London Grid for Learning Content Grid
London Grid for Learning Content Grid - EYFS to KS2.
Coding activities for Years 1 - 6.  Please see the class teacher if you require the login details.

Purple Mash
2Simple's creative online space for Primary children with online tools, curriculum- focussed activities and games to support and inspire learning.  Children will need their usernames and passwords to log in to the site - These should have been brought home on a laminated card.  Please see the class teacher if a replacement is needed.

Site that teaches safe internet usage through interactive games and activities.  No passwords needed.

ICT/Maths Games
Technology-based numeracy games for pupils up to Year 4.  No passwords needed.
Learning games for pupils aged 6 - 11 years.  Children are able to communicate with others via scripted phrases and emoticons (no free chatting).

ICT/Literacy Games
Technology-based literacy games for a variety of year levels.  No passwords needed.

ICT/Topic Games
ICT games based around science, geography and history.  No passwords needed.

CBeebies Games
Cbeebies games for Early Years children.  No passwords needed.

BBC Bitesize
This is a great site for all general revision and caters for KS1 and KS2.  No passwords needed.


Mathematics extension site.  The more stars, the trickier the problem!

BBC Spanish
BBC simple Spanish page.  No passwords needed.

123 Teach Me Spanish
Spanish games for children.  No passwords needed.

Google Earth Download
Free resource to download.  Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program.

Horrible Histories
Videos and games that link to the history curriculum.  No passwords needed.

Multiplication Games
Interactive multiplication games for KS1 and KS2.  Some advertisements.  No passwords needed.

Oxford Owl
Reading and Maths for children aged 3 - 7.

Khan Academy
Demonstration videos and activities for Maths and other subjects for all ages.  This page includes SATs preparation materials.
Make your own arcade games.  Some advertisements.  No passwords needed.
Online friendly play. International competition. Ages 6 and over.
Survey Link Y5 and Y6