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Miles Coverdale Primary School


Attendance Matters

Miles Coverdale Primary School wants every child to achieve the best they can and to make sure this happens children need to be in school regularly and on time.  The school’s attendance team has brought in strategies to help improve attendance such as treats for children who come to school every day during a term and class treats for any class who has no absences in a week.  We monitor the attendance of each child and if we are concerned about the number of absences we will ask you to attend a meeting and enter into a parenting contract.  Year on year attendance has improved as a result of strategies introduced by the Attendance Team. Help us to help your child by bringing your attendance concerns to us.  If you want to discuss your child's attendance you should speak to the Head of School Business, Caroline Collins.

Attendance really does matter

Regular attendance at school is important for your child’s learning, development, future opportunities and friendships.  Every time your child misses school he or she is missing valuable learning and we want all of our pupils to have every opportunity available to them so that they have more opportunities later in life.

Your Duties
As a parent/carer you have a legal duty to make sure your child receives a full-time education and comes to school regularly.  If you are finding it difficult to get your child to school you must speak to the class teacher and/or a member of the attendance team.  We will be able to help you.  If your child is genuinely too ill to attend school you must ring the school office before 8.45am and leave a message on the pupil absence voicemail system.  If you’re not sure if your child should be home or in school have a chat with the office and they will advise.

What the school does
Since summer 2011 the school has been closely monitoring the attendance of each child.  As a school we have a legal duty to make sure children are in school and safe.  If we have concerns about the high level of absences of a child we have the right to refer the family to the Local Authority who will follow this up but we want to avoid this and work with families.  We think that by working with you there is a greater chance your child’s attendance will improve.  Where there is a high number of absences we will draw up a parenting contract in which you agree to improve attendance and we, in turn, agree to whatever support we decide on at the meeting.  Contracts have been successful but, in the event that it is not successful, we have the right to refer to the local authority at that point.

Targets and Achievements
Miles Coverdale has improved attendance of pupils year on year since 2011.  Every day counts when it comes to your children's education.  In the academic year 2016-2017 our overall attendance was 95.69%.  In 2017-2018 our target is 96%.


  • Every day at school is important
  • If your child has a cold he or she can usually still come to school; if your child has a tummy ache it is likely that he/she is still able to come to school
  • If your child really is too sick for school call us before 8.45
  • Is your child really too sick?  If you’re not sure speak to the school office
  • School bell goes at 8.50 and children must be here at that time.   If a child arrives after 9.00 and before 9.30 he or she will be given a late mark.  Your child must report to the main office.   If a child arrives after 9.30 he or she will be given an unauthorised absence mark which means it will show up as an absence when we monitor attendance
  • Holidays during term-time are not allowed (and now defined in law) and where holidays are taken during holidays you must make sure you’re back in time for the return to school

 Finally, we are here to help and support you and your child(ren).  If you have any concerns about attendance please get in touch with us.  

You can view the school’s attendance policy here.