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Miles Coverdale Primary School

Safeguarding Policies

Click on a file to download.

viewSecurity Policy  (PDF)
viewSafer Recruitment Policy  (PDF)
viewSafeguarding Children - Ofsted Inspector Guidance  (PDF)
viewPhysical Restraint Policy  (PDF)
viewLooked After Children Policy  (PDF)
viewKeeping Children Safe in Education  (PDF)
DfE guidance document
viewHealth -and- Safety Policy  (PDF)
viewFire Plan  (PDF)
viewClub Providers: Uncollected Children Policy  (PDF)
The procedure for extended school staff where children are not collected
viewPositive Behaviour Policy  (DPF)
viewAttendance Policy  (PDF)
viewArrival and Dismissal of Pupils  (PDF)
viewAnti-Bullying Policy  (PDF)
viewAcceptable Use of Internet Policy  (PDF)
viewSafeguarding and Child Protection Policy  (PDF)
Including an index of related policies