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Remote Learning

In the event of remote learning happening, all children have access to Google Classroom. A dedicated 'Remote Learning' page will appear on our website and timetables / learning schedules will be available. 

About Google Classroom

Click in the link below to access an informative video about Google Classroom. The link will take you to youtube website. Therefore, if you are a student you must ask permission from your parent or carer.


Parent/carer guides

Please, have a look at these two documents. They provide step-by-step instructions in how to log in in Google Classroom. 

Be aware that you will only be able to log in Google Classroom using the google account and password provided by the school. Therefore, before you log in you must log out from your or your child's personal account. 

To check if you are logged in using a personal account in google:

1. Type www.google.com

2. Look at the top right hand side corner

3. If you can see a grey circle with no initial inside it, you are ready to log in usisng your child's educational google account (the accounts and passwords were sent home a few weeks ago)

4. If you can see an initical inside a little circle, you are logged in with a personal google account. Therefore you need to log out or sign out in order to log in using your child's educational google account

If after reading and all the information provided, you still experiencing difficulties logging in, please email the school stating your problem and a phone number that we can contact you in.

Student/parent video guide to Google Classroom

student guide
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