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Guidance and Information documents for parents

The school has a Covid-19 Risk Assessment in place and this is reviewed on a regular basis.  The current assessment can be viewed here.

We have created a FAQ for parents that hopefully answers some of the questions you may have about how our school is running during COVID-19.  You can download it here.

The National Education Union (NEU) has a microsite for parents which you can visit at https://coronavirusandschools.org.uk/

There are a vast amount of resources available online for parents to use to help support them during these uncertain times.  Primary First Trust have produced a number of newsletters which you can view and download for free at https://www.theprimaryfirsttrust.co.uk/home-links-newsletters/

We understand how difficult things can be for all of us at the moment and the Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS) have many resources that you can access to help you with a variety of topics around mental health and wellbeing.  You can view and download these at https://www.camhs-resources.co.uk/downloads

Documents below are for parents to make use of in dealing with the current situation at home.   

Attendance during Covid

Attendance continues to be a priority for the school and we want children to come in regularly.  But it is equally important to remember how quickly and easily Coronavirus can spread.  Therefore, we ask parents not to send children in if they have any of the classic Covid symptoms including:-

  • New continuous cough
  • A fever
  • A change in sense of taste and/or smell

If your child has any Covid symptoms you must keep your child at home and arrange for a PCR test to be done.  We ask that you please let the school know as soon as your child develops symptoms and as soon as you get the test results.  This is important so that we can identify anybody that your child may have had close contact with and monitor the situation closely.  

If you are unsure if your child has Covid symptoms then please contact your G.P or 119 for advice.

We thank you for your support in keeping everybody at Miles Coverdale safe.

Omicron Leaflet for Parents

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