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Community Art Project 2021 - My View -

art project


Some suggested steps for getting started:


*Take your pen for a walk and sketch the view first.


Think about these questions:

Do you want to include the window frame or not?

Do you want to include an interior scene with outdoors?

What view do you get in different directions?

Is there something that is fun or sends a message?

Can ordinary everyday objects make an interesting subject?


Include the main shapes and ideas in your sketch.

 Include the tones so you pick out lights, darks and medium shades.

You can work in any medium that you like.



Links for Inspiration:


Click here to watch a video of someone sketching 'The view from my window'


Click here to see different photographs from around the world during lockdown showing 'A view from my window'.


Click here to see different views from windows all around the world.


Click here to listen to a lovely story, celebrating all the different views from windows across the globe.

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