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Social Justice at Miles Coverdale Primary School

We are currently developing our Social Justice approach.

We are looking at Social Justice from 4 broad areas:

  • Identity
  • Diversity
  • Justice
  • Action

Check back on this page for updates of the work we are undertaking...

Year 2 - Justice

Our Year 2 class, with the help of Miss Southern, went to Harrow Club recording studio to record their very own version of a popular song. The lyrics have been re-worked and you can listen and sing-along below.

Justice - Y2.mp3

Summer Term 2 - Action


Summer Term 1 - Justice


Spring Term 2 - Diversity

Diversity Bulletin

Spring Term 1 - Identity

Identity - school comm

What diverse books are we currently reading in school?

Lubna and PebbleThe Rainmaker DancedBlack and British2529
The Boy in the TowerLila and the Secret of RainChildren of the Benin Kingdom262830
Rain Before RainbowsRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryIf You Were Me and Lived in KenyaThe Lightning Catcher27

Please, click on the document below to access the Virtual Black History Library. It is an interactive document, so when you click on the book covers, you will be taken to short animated films, playlists, videographies, YouTube read-aloud videos (without ads), PDF books, audiobooks, interviews with authors, online activities related to the book or websites where you can purchase the book. 

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