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School Meals

School Meals

At Miles Coverdale we believe that the best option for children at lunchtimes is to have the hot school dinner, provided through our caterers, Eden Catering. Children are able to choose from a wide selection of meals which you can see below.  All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a Free School Meal, known as the Universal Infant Free School Meal.  For children in our Nursery, and Years 3, 4 5 and 6 the price of a meal is just £2.00 per day. School dinners must be paid for in advance.

You can make payment at the school office although we would encourage you to use the online facility which allows you to make payment and to view the balance.  Payment is through https://schoolgateway.co.uk/ Just register using the same email address and mobile number that you have provided to the school. You can then pay online or via the School Gateway app. For help using School Gateway please download this handy guide.

If you think you are eligible for free school meals please visit www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals.  Parents of children in Reception and years 1 and 2 should also apply because the school will receive additional funding.  Our school will receive funding for each child eligible for free school meals.  You must inform the school office once it has been confirmed that you are eligible otherwise you will be charged for the school meal and the school will not receive the additional funding which it can then use to enhance the learning of all children at Miles Coverdale.

We do not allow children to change from school dinners to packed lunch mid-term.  If you wish your child to change their meal type we ask that you do this at the start of a term.  In any event you must inform the school office immediately.  If your child changes to packed lunch and you don't inform the school we will continue to be charged from our school funds.

If you fail to pay for your child's meals we may refuse to serve a hot meal to your child until such time as any school meals debt is cleared.  We will inform you in advance and, in any event, parents of a child owing more than two weeks' dinner money will be contacted regularly.  If you are asked to provide a packed lunch then please ensure you do so and make arrangements to repay any outstanding money due.

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