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English at Miles Coverdale

As writers we:

  • Write with fluency and detail in a range of topics and styles
  • Use our imaginations to make our writing interesting for others to read
  • Use ambitious vocabulary
  • Vary our writing style and use a range of different structures
  • Write neatly, spell correctly and use punctuation

As readers we:

  • Know all our letter sounds and names
  • Like to read a variety of different texts
  • Understand a wide range of vocabulary
  • Find meaning in texts
  • Read for study and pleasure
  • Learn through reading

As language specialists we:

  • Listen carefully to others and respect their views and opinions
  • Speak clearly to others and use a wide range of vocabulary
  • Follow the rules of spoken English, for example using the correct tense and verb agreement
  • Retell stories in interesting and imaginative ways
  • Enjoy conversations with adults and our friends
  • Are confident speakers

Intent, Implementation and Impact

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