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Design & Technology at Miles Coverdale

As designers we:

  • Are able to turn our ideas into prototypes and working models
  • Enjoy working independently and collaboratively
  • Can use questioning and research at the planning stages of our work
  • Know the range of tools available to us and how to use them safely
  • Can apply our mathematical knowledge to our work
  • Make use of evaluations to develop and improve products and processes

Cultural Capital - Design Technology

Creating Musical Instruments for Performance with English Chamber Orchestra

Gaming Technology through the Years at the Science Museum

Hadron Collider Lego Workshop at Shepherds Bush Library

Mars Rover Workshop at Natural History Museum

  • What do children at Miles Coverdale Primary School like about DT?

    “The thing I liked about DT for cooking, it got me really interested in cooking. Now I watch videos about cooking and think about different foods. Everyone can cook.”

    “Tasting the different flavours before planning was good because I could choose which ones I liked together.”

    “I liked when I made a house with boxes and bottles.” 

    “I really liked it when we did the Fashion Show and got to use our imaginations to design and make our own clothes by upcycling.” 

Learning fun in DT at Miles Coverdale

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